Body Attack L-Carnitine Liquid 2000 Cherry (500ml)

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L-Carnitine Liquid 2000 from Body Attack

You want to get a big step closer to your dream figure by diet, but are afraid to lose your hard trained and tight muscles? L-Carnitine Liquid 2000 with vitamin C maintains your energy metabolism during strenuous diet and exercise phases. A lack of vitamins slows down the energy production - the result: the body uses the available muscle proteins. To prevent this, use L-Carnitine Liquid 2000 plus vitamin C. Your muscles will thank you!


  • L-Carnitine Liquid 2000 is the right choice to support the following goals:
  • Preservation of firm body tissue such as skin, muscles, etc.
  • Preservation of immune function
  • Better dieting results due to fewer symptoms of fatigue
  • More intensive training sessions

Who is the L-Carnitine Liquid 2000 suitable for?

  • Fitness and strength athletes during a diet
  • Athletes
  • Strength athletes
  • Figure-conscious people


First things first - What is L-Carnitine? The vitamin-like nutrient is found mainly in muscle tissue, the heart, liver, kidneys, immune system and red blood cells. Together with B vitamins and choline, it is involved in energy production and fat metabolism. Why Carnipure? The Swiss trademark exclusively contains naturally biofermentatively produced L-carnitine and stands for highest quality.


Whether in oranges, currants or kiwis: Vitamin C contributes to a normal function of the energy metabolism. Besides, it is also a great supplier for a normal immune system. A daily ration (40 ml) of L-Carnitine Liquid 2000 contains 480 mg vitamin C - equivalent to approx. 250 g black currants or half a kilo of kiwi. Simply push your vitamin C balance with liquid L-carnitine!