BioTechUSA Iso Whey Zero 500g

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BioTechUSA Iso Whey Zero 500g is made with the purest cross-flow micro filtered whey protein isolate (WPI) possible, while it truly contains ZERO lactose, ZERO trans fat and ZERO sugar. Iso Whey ZERO, like all BioTechUSA products, consists of 100% safe, carefully selected nutrients. Some like it lean: The extremely high biological value of proteins makes Iso Whey ZERO absolutely unique in the BioTech USA product line. It's perfect for athletes who aim for ultra-lean muscle gains as proteins contribute to muscle mass growth and muscle maintenance.

About Iso Whey Zero

  • 100% Pure Isolate Protein
  • Zero Trans Fat / Zero Sugar
  • High BCAA, L-Glutaminbe, EAAs
  • Lactose Free
  • Purity Above All