BioTechUSA Peanut Butter 400g

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Product description

Peanut Butter from Biotech USA is a peanut butter with a great composition. It contains only cold nuts and salt and is therefore free from unnecessary or harmful additives. By choosing this peanut butter you will receive a natural and delicious product. Unlike other products on the market, it does not contain palm oil, preservatives or sugar.If you like snacking, but try to avoid unhealthy snacks, consider Biotech Usa's product. Peanut butter contains only natural ingredients and is rich in dietary fiber. Perfect for vegans and those who limit gluten. You can also add it to your diet if you want to add more protein to your body. There are many nut butters on the market that just don't seem to be any different. If you care about your health, it's always worth checking that the product you buy doesn't contain palm oil, preservatives, or added sugar. Biotech USA's is free from all three substances. So you know you only get peanut butter and salt.


Crunchy: peanut butter (79.4%), whole pieces of nut (19.9%) salt; Smooth: peanut butter (99.3%), salt.