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JoyBraeu non-alcoholic Protein Beer 0,33l 6 pack

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6 Pack of JoyBraeu non-alcoholic Protein Beer 0,33l

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Protein Beer Sounds great, but what does it mean in detail?. Your benefits at a glance

JoyBräu alkoholfrei

21g Protein
Each bottle of JoyBräu contains as much protein as a shake - for your muscle gains
Proteins are essential for muscle maintenance and growth
We exclusively use high-grad plant-based amino acids

Unique Beer Feeling
Is there anything better than the taste of a cold beer?
Say goodby to artificial taste, milkshakes and stupid comments, because you just drink water during parties.

10g BCAA
The essential amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine support your Body during recovery post-workout

Beta-Alanin & Carnitin
Increase your performance with Beta-Alanine and give your body the chance to promote fat metabolism for energy production with Carnitine