Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions, delivery and refund policy

Our service:

We introduce our online store shop.supplements.ge where you can buy goods and get service.

Please carefully read through the terms and conditions below

Company’s rights and commitments

As the legislation or company’s internal changes occur, we reserve the right to make modifications in our content to which our customer automatically agrees.

After the registration, we get the right to contact you by the e-mail and supply you with the valid, context – oriented information.

As the realization of the products throughout commensal objects happens simultaneously, there is the chance that as you add the product to your cart the item may be out of store. You will be notified during order registration. We take responsibility to fulfil all our obligations we hold towards our clients in terms of delivery and processing the order.   

Delivery service

You may place an order throughout Tbilisi, Rustavi, Gori, Kutaisi, Batumi, Kobuleti, Poti . The order that is confirmed and paid up will be delivered to the client free of charge no later than two days. If the client was not able to take the call the product will not be delivered at the same day the order was placed. Delivery service is not active on Sunday and Saturday. The company takes the responsibility that the product will be delivered undamaged sealed up to the client at the appointed time.

Return policies

You may return the product during one working day if it is sealed up and undamaged.  For that you need to send a letter to shop@supplements.ge and note the following information:

In the e-mail gap subject, please place the topic return

Full name and surname

The name of returned product

Include invoice to the e-mail

Briefly describe the reason for return

After receiving a notification our courier will transfer the product back to our office and in 3 working days you fill fully get your money back.    

Please note we do not return products that had been used or damaged.